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Penstemon barbatus, Scarlet Bugler
durango plant identification
Yucca baccata, Yucca
native plants durango
Calypso bulbosa, Fairy Slipper
plant guide durango
Asclepias asperula, Milkweed
plant guide durango
Pinus edulis, Pinon Pine
plant guide colorado
Toxicoscordion venenosum, Death Camas
plant guide colorado

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Welcome to Durango Plants

Please note that we suffered a database crash and that our plant library is currently offline. We are scrambling to get the information restored and will do so as soon as possible! Thank you for your understanding!

Durango Plants is an online guide to the native plants of the Durango, Colorado area. This guide may also include plants from nearby areas such as Northern New Mexico, Southeast Utah & the rest of Colorado. Our interest in Colorado Native Plants stems from a lifetime of outdoor pursuits and work in the nursery business. While we do our best to provide scientific descriptions of plants, we have collected many images while not possessing a plant key. In some cases where we do not have sufficient data to identify a species we'll list with the Genus and "spp" meaning "several species." We welcome your help, please use the contact form for any corrections, comments, critiques, or even criticisms.

You Can Participate, Don't Keep Quiet!

You can help identify plants, or post photos of plants you'd like to see identified within our Facebook page.

Our goal is to spread awareness in Colorado about the value of using native plants in water wise landscaping, as well as celebrate the beauty of these plants that often go unnoticed. Xeric planting with Native Plants can give you a beautiful landscape which requires less water, is well adapted to our climate, and will entice birds and other critters.

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