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Pinus edulis - Piņon Pine


Location: Piņon/Juniper

Description: Piņon Pine is one of the defining species in the lower foothills and Pinon/Juniper Forests South of Durango. It has much shorter needles and is shorter in stature than its cousin, the Ponderossa Pine. While there are some giants in the area, most Piņon you'll see are between 15 and 35 feet tall, with a very interesting branch structure (see pictures). The fruits on the Piņon Pine are widely sought by foodies, and were a staple of early indigenous cultures in the area. Recently, a drought allowed the IPS Beetle to decimate large numbers of the tree. Luckily, many survived and continue to flourish in the four corners. Another cause of Piņon dieback is from over irrigation on developed land. Moral of story, if you have a nice, grassy lawn, you're probably killing the Piņons.

Author: Eric Kiefer

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