SW Colorado Plant Identification
Aquilegia elegantula - Western Red Columbine

About Durango Plants

For the love of native plants.

This website is dedicated to the study, preservation, and celebration of native plants. It is not intended to be a field guide, as much as an easy-to-use picture guide.

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An easy-to-use picture guide
Please note that this is not intended to be a field guide, as much as an easy-to-use picture guide to various native plants in the Durango area. We strive for accuracy, but if you find something mislabeled or identified incorrectly, please don't hesitate to contact us. In some cases, we will include several species in a single record with "spp." listed as the species. This is the case when there are many species in a particular genus or when hybridization is frequent. There may also be a case where we just got it dead wrong, we're not fussy, please let us know if you find an error and we'll correct it! If you'd like to double check the ID of a plant, please check out Southwest Colorado Wildflowers, an excellent native plant website that also covers our area.

We cherish our native plants
Durango Plants is operated by Eric and Lisa Kiefer in Durango, Colorado. We both grew up with a passion for the outdoors and the flora and fauna that surrounded us. This project grew from a desire to organize and showcase our extensive collection of native plant photographs. Our goal is to spread awareness about the value of using native plants in water wise landscaping, as well as celebrate the beauty of these plants that often go unnoticed. This site is sponsored in part by our web design company, Milomedia.